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I wandered off...


Because I got bored. I don't think I'm really the blogging type.


I will now vent.

School: Ophelia, your graduating soon....

Ophelia: And?

School: Don't you want to run about with a stupid look on your face and participate in a gauntlet of stupid events?

Ophelia: No.

~Some Time Later~

School: Ophelia! We won't let you get on with your life unless you buy a cap and gown! We will call your home until you comply.

Ophelia: *Pays a good amount of money on soemthing she will just turn into a plush toy or cape*

~More Time Passes~

School: Ophelia, you've rejected our invitation to spend money on items with your and your classmates names and images on them! We feel it important to detain you for a moment after you have checked out of our institution!

Ophelia: I feel mildly troubled that you have used my name and image without my consent, but will not act on my discomfort.

~This Morning~

School: Ophelia! We called your home at eight this morning not only to wake you from hard won sleep, but to tell you that rehearsal for the graduation ceremony cannot begin without you! People whom you don't concern yourself with are annoyed and won't stop contacting you!
...... Also we want you to pay for more unnessesary items.

Ophelia: I explained far head of time that I was not going to 'walk' in the graduation ceremony. By several months. Please stop calling my home and my parental units, whom are now blocking the schools number. You did not need to call them five times in the same morning.

School: Bring your cap and gown!

Ophelia: I am not going to the ceremony. Put my all important highschool diploma in the mail.

School: Confusion!

----------End Scene--------

Basically; I'm tired of being told that this graduation is something special. Law required that I be in an institution of some sort until age 18. I was already nearly done with high school at that time and dropping out then seemed pointless. I obeyed the law and then didn't drop out when the oppqrtunity presented itself. Stop telling me this is an accomplishment.

Also; Stop asking about my collage and career plans on the various forms I'm bound to fill or suffer harassment over. If I wanted the school administration to know about these things I would have told them.

That school needs to leave me the fuck alone or, by god, I'll start hitting things. With knives.

If I want authority figures that constantly condescended in my direction, or youths with whom I have bad relations, or never invested thought into to know what I will do once free of them I'll tell them myself.

Stupid fuckers.


i just realized

This blog does not contain nealry enough science. Also Norse mythology. Hopefully I will fix this tomorrw. For now I sleep.

Several Things


I know that most of these are old, but bare with me. Replaying through pokemon red and yellow can be an awesome sort of time consuming.


There's this.
I don't care if your gay or of any other sexuality and are in the armed forces. If someone is willing to put themselves under the authority of another, possibly take lives and always have the chance of dieing they disserve my respect. I don't care if you fuck a donkey when your on shore leave. As a warrior you will get my respect; this goes for every military organization, one that’s supported by the government or not.

Okay, next:
Charging a police officer for hitting you with their car? Yes. Do this. Always. I would charge the driver if it was a navy seal, Jesus, or anyone else. I can still respect you for any sacrifices you have made or your achievements and want you in court. It's almost like the law and I don't care who the offender is. Huh, how about that.

Then there's paranoia:
Age Of Autism and the like are good for this. I consider their obstinacy in the face of science hilarious and like to troll the crap out of such blogs and forums. It makes me laugh so hard I snort. I also find it funny that they treat autism like a death sentence.

is also great for this and other things. At least it was last time I visited, maybe they've changed.

And all of this is brought to you by our sponsors; freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Because I may not agree with your opinion but I will certainly let you spout it in public places.

And big pharma. Big pharma is definitely a sponsor.

Quick question though; how come women in video games have huge boobs and are always interested in the lead male romantically? And if they're not wanting to court the lead male; how come they are what some would consider ugly? Can't female characters in a story of any medium be esthetically okay, competent, and not chasing after someone?

I wouldn't really have a problem with that archetype or any other, including token characters, if they were woven into the plot better and had had real development. Maybe the busty, scantily clad, girl in the party who is the only one with a uterus knows the wizard's weakness or cultivates cacti when she's not practicing on her lute. Give their character more personality or a point and you can put in as many token characters as you want, main stream media! Really, I'd be okay with it if it just had a point.

Okay, probably more on that later, I'm done now.

~Ophelia Red
Also; I will have a cuttlefish with a lazer one day. It will happen.

Proof that the universe hates me

I tripped over a dead mouse this morning. The universe seems to be conspiring against me.

As I type this...

My sixteen year old sister and my late thirties mother are watching the Hannah Monatna movie. I feel like I've failed them somehow.

First post

I had another blog once. I made the mistake of giving my friends the link to it, I don't use myspace so it was a way for them to contact me. I didn't realize that some of them actually read the posts until they brought it up in conversation a while later. I still do the whole ''The internet validates my existence" thing on there occasionally, but I'm careful about what I write now.

Live Journal is going to remedy that because I'm far more confident about my thoughts when they are anonymous. It will be full of whatever amuses me; music, news, strange thoughts, but never my daily life. [Edit: I've broken this rule twice now, so lets just call it a guideline instead.]  I'll also be posting these things whenever the mood strikes me, wither that be several times a day or every few weeks.

Now that I've given the reason for this journal and it's ground rules it's time for the first amusement:

The following is something I wont touch much on unless I feel ornery. The cause of this is because a cause like this is better left to talent like Orac. I will not besmirch his cause with my grubby finger prints.

News article

It's a bit old, but I'll never tire of this article. My initial reaction?


A man who violates codes and procedures that were put into place for a reason is begging for punishment. I would prefer an old fashioned tar and feathering for all that this man has caused, but taking away his license would be a good start.

To me this is like a chemist who subscribes to the freudian school of thought on cocaine. What he believes personally is not the problem. If he uses all the the equipment, supplies and knowledge at his disposal to make top quality cocane and maybe a few opiates on the side before selling them out of the back of his car. Well, that's another matter. Regardless of wither he genuinely believes in the drug or if he's in it for money.....stay with me on this one....
He's still selling cocaine out of the back of his car.

Having shared my point, I now welcome comments from those looking to strike up a conversation and those who want to argue about today's topic. I will take the pro-vaccine side of any debate.

-Ophelia Red